Regardless of the type or degree of hair loss
you are experiencing, there are hair restoration
solutions that will help you restore your hair
and your confidence.

MEN’S HAIR LOSS CAUSES. Hair loss in men can be caused by any number of factors but over 955 of all male hair loss is caused by heredity and genetics: androgenic alopecia, which manifests itself as male pattern baldness.  There are other factors that can cause hair loss in men, including extreme or rapid weight loss, medical treatments such as chemotherapy or radiation treatments, and even trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling).  There are also scalp conditions that can be a contributing factor to thinning hair in men.

While there is any number of conditions that can cause hair loss in men and the accompanying anxiety and lowering of your self-esteem and confidence, it is important to know that there are proven solutions available for men of all ages with hair loss and thinning hair.

Men’s Hair Restoration Options

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Men Roanoke Virginia
At Hair Restoration Center of Roanoke, we begin with a complete hair and scalp evaluation and help you find the hair loss solution that best suits your particular type and degree of hair loss, as well as your expectations and lifestyle. For men who are just beginning to experience thinning hair, FDA cleared low-level laser hair therapy may be an excellent choice. For the man who is already seeing a more advanced degree of hair loss and balding, our advanced state-of-the-art men’s hair replacement systems offer the ideal hair replacement solution to restore the fullness and volume you once had. Each of our men’s hair systems is a custom design with real human hair and is virtually undetectable to both sight and touch, even up close.

There are excellent, proven solutions for all types of men’s hair loss. The first step to getting your hair back, and your confidence, is coming in for a private, complimentary hair and scalp evaluation.

Mens Hair Restoration and Replacement Roanoke Virginia

Hair Restoration for Men

NON-SURGICAL HAIR RESTORATION SYSTEMS. Our individually customized non-surgical hair replacement systems are made from real human hair and are undetectable to both sight and touch, and provide a full head of natural, great looking hair. Learn More about Non-Surgical Hair Restoration Systems.

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