A man’s appearance can be greatly different when he suffers from male pattern baldness. It not only affects his outward look but his self-image and self-esteem. There have been tremendous advances in men’s hair replacement, hair restoration and thinning hair treatments for men that are experiencing hair loss. These treatments can give you back a full head of hair that looks great and feels totally natural. When it comes to men’s non-surgical hair replacement solutions there is no question we can give you back your hair and self-esteem. You can style your new hair with the latest styles to perfectly accentuate your own personal taste. The infographic below from the guy’s at Men’s Hairstyles Today shows some of the latest hairstyles that may be a great compliment to your own personal look.

The Top Men's Haircuts by Face Shape

Hair Restoration Center of Roanoke At Hair Restoration Center of Roanoke, Virginia we customize every non-surgical hair replacement solution for men. It is always our goal to utilize the latest artistry and technology to give you hair that is totally natural-looking even up close and a feel that you can’t tell isn’t your own growing hair. Regardless of hairstyle, men’s hair loss can keep you from looking and feeling like yourself. For many men, hair loss can bring on depression. We understand this and that is why we strive to create the finest hair using artistry and technology in a private, professional setting. Our non-surgical hair replacement solutions for men is perfect no matter what stage of hair loss you are in. Schedule a private, no-obligation hair and scalp analysis today and get the answers to all your hair loss and hair restoration questions by calling us or book a free, private appointment online today.